Tuesday, November 6, 2007

a little more on the wildfires

Listening to NPR radio in the car the other day, I heard the best story. This woman, Joane Cosentino, was on tv during the fires and signed for over TWENTY hours straight! She reported a sore back, but said her arms were fine. Okay, I cannot even imagine standing for twenty hours, never mind standing AND interpreting. Joane also mentioned that "it was a lot of work" to keep up with spelling the names of cities, streets and evacuation times. Because she had to literally spell out all this info. So, "a lot of work"??? Quite frankly, it sounds impossible. I hope the county provided Joane with a massage therapist and a twenty-hour shopping spree. :)

Kudos to Joane Cosentino! We're lucky we had you!

Still about the wildfires--did you know that out of the thousands and thousands of evacuated houses, only one was burglarized?

You can't help but feel good about all this.


Sherry said...

Heroes come in so many different forms and packages, don't they?? And only one buglary? That's incredible!!

Alyssa Goodnight said...

Very impressive (on both counts)! And so sorry the chicken didn't go over well...at least you're trying!

Barrie said...

Sherry--I'm not sure I believe the one burglary thing. Although it was on the local news. And I want to believe it.

Barrie said...

Alyssa: I, too, am sorry about the failed crockpot chicken recipe. Especially as I stil have quite a bit of it in the fridge!:(