Monday, April 25, 2011

My Town Monday: Flash Mob at a San Diego mall

Guess what yours truly and Child #4 (10 year-old daughter) took part in on Friday evening at a crowded mall?

A Flash Mob!!

Well, actually, Child #4 was much more active than her mother who can barely sing or dance (and certainly not the two together)!

Here's what went down...

You have your unsuspecting diners and shoppers.

Suddenly, the music starts up, and the performance begins!

Here's the flyer handed out by the performers!

The flash mob was to advertise the upcoming play, JOSEPH AND THE AMAZING TECHNICOLOR DREAMCOAT, which opens this coming Friday, April 29 and runs for three weekends.

Thanks to a New Year's Resolution to have more fun, I've attended a fair amount of community theater over the last two years. I've seen several of the adult performers (and some of the kids too) in other plays around San Diego. There's gobs of talent in this production, IMHO.

Oh, and did I mention that Child #4 has a small part and even sings four lines SOLO?!

For more info, here's the Pickwick Players' website. If you're anywhere close to the area (Moxie Theatre, 6663 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego), consider seeing the show. You can't beat live theater, especially really, really good live theater.

Here's a video of the Flash Mob. Child #4 is dancing all over the place. If you listen closely, you might hear me singing off-key. It's my specialty.

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Happy Monday to all!


Anonymous said...


Please record Child #4's performance! Good luck Child #4! Even though you won't need it!

Anonymous said...

Wow,I've never seen one of those before.It's very cool,did you have a clue what was going on at first?

Barrie said...

Anonymous: I'm buying a couple of DVDs of the performance. They'll be much better than anything I record! (No chopped-off heads!)

abagayle: Yes, we knew. The cast practised for the event. But it was a complete surprise for the diners/shoppers at the mall. ;)

debra said...

I'm sure I heard you clapping in rhythm :-) And how about jazz hands! Looks like a lot of fun, Barrie.

Barrie said...

Debra: Me clapping in rhythm?! Ha!

Sarakastic said...

Flash mobs are my favorite thing in the world but I've never known anyone who was actually part of one before, so cool.

Solvang Sherrie said...

How fun was that?! Very cool!

Reb said...

Oh, that must have been so much fun! I love flash mobs!

Barrie said...

Sarakastic: Okay, I have to be honest here; I was "minimally" involved. ;)

Solvang Sherrie: Very fun!

Reb: Have you seen flash mobs at the Edmonton Mall? That seems like an idea place to stage them.

Teresa said...

You and Child #4 have just jumped to the top of my cool list. I have always wanted to see/participate in a flash mob, but I have never had the chance. Way to go... Will you be doing flash mobs at your next Sherrie book signing? I bet Child #4 could help.

Anonymous said...

Haha.I'd be totally clueless too.
I got my bookplate in the mail,thank you!I love the coffee cup,my mom loves coffee too!^^


P.S Thanks about my name(::

Anonymous said...

Barrie, I think you have a stalker. In the first pic, the guy in the gray Hollister shirt is looking point blank at you. Ha!

Jen Schoppmann

Heather Hansen said...

Child #4 needs her own blog. She's seriously cool.

Barrie said...

Teresa: Can you just imagine? A Sherry Flash Mob!!! :)

AbaGayle: thanks for letting me know it arrived. Glad you like the coffee cup. I do too. ;)

Jen: And I didn't even notice him!

Heather: She'd probably agree with you. ;)

Anonymous said...

Welcome! I love coffee too (hehe)

Barbara Martin said...

Barrie, surprises often come at the best of times.

LynNerd said...

What a great way to advertise, and what fun to be part of a flash mob! I hope the opening weekend was great.

Rug Cleaning Los Angeles said...

Darn I've always wanted to see a Flash Mob in real life! I can't figure out which mall that is, in North Count maybe? I grew up in East County so I spent a lot of time in Mission and Fashion Valley malls and Grossmont or El Cajon. I would've drive to North county for this though!